Can You Use Pasta Sauce for Pizza? (Quick Answer & Guide)

When planning to make a delicious pizza at home and run out of pizza sauce, what could be the alternative to it? Since pasta sauce is made of tomato, you may be thinking of using it. But, can you use pasta sauce for pizza?

Can You Use Pasta Sauce for Pizza

Yes, you can. Although they share similar ingredients, the taste will be different. Pasta sauce is made of precooked blended tomato with other ingredients. But, pizza sauce is made of uncooked pureed tomatoes. As a result, you will feel the difference in taste. Nevertheless, you can use it to make a pizza when you have no option.

In this article, I am going to explain the difference between pizza and pasta sauce and tell you how to use pasta sauce in pizza.

The Difference Between Pasta Sauce And Pizza Sauce

Despite sharing the same main ingredient, both have different procedures. But the prime difference between them is that pasta sauce requires cooking for a long time, while pizza sauce does not need to cook. Let’s check out the differences at a glance.

Pasta SaucePizza Sauce
Cooked for a long timeUncooked or light cook
Use tomato blendUse pureed tomato
Requires a lot of ingredientsBasic ingredients are enough

Cooking Time

Pizza sauce does not need to cook first. Because when you put the sauce on the pizza dough and oven it, it will blend with the dough and create that unique flavor.

On the other hand, when you mix pasta sauce with noodles, it will never go on the oven or stove. Therefore, pasta sauce is precooked before use. And that is why you get the flavor while mixing it with the noodles. And pasta sauce is cooked for hours after hours to get the right taste.


When making a pizza, it is no need to add too many ingredients to the sauce. Simple seasoning using oregano, pepper, and garlic will do the job. It will be the base of the pizza where you can choose various toppings according to your preference. Yet, you will get the same taste consistency because of the sauce on the bottom.

However, you will not add anything else but the sauce to the pasta. Therefore, it should be full of flavor to make perfect pasta. Thus you have to add various herbs and ingredients to pull out the perfect flavor.


Pizza sauce has a smooth consistency and is comparatively thicker than pasta sauce. When making a pizza, the sauce should not be so thick that it does not blend well with the dough. Yet, it should not be thin to melt quickly. Using thinner sauce will become soggy when you put the pizza dough in the oven.

In contrast, pasta sauce needs to blend properly with the noodles to make a unique taste. So, making it thicker will restrain the perfect blend. That is why it is thinner for coating pasta properly.

How to make a pizza with pasta sauce?

When you have nothing but pasta sauce in the house, it can not stop you from making a delicious pizza. Let’s know how to make a pizza with pasta sauce.

All the procedures that you need to make a pizza will be the same. However, you have to prepare the pasta sauce conveniently for pizza.

  • First, strain the water from the sauce to make it thicker.
  • Then, use a blender to make it smoother. It will be better for the pizza and remove the excess water too.Now, use salt and pepper to adjust the seasoning and make it compatible with the pizza. In this case, you can add salt and pepper according to your preference.
  • Finally, filter the water again and take the thicker sauce for the pizza.

Now you can use this pasta sauce on your pizza with the same consistency that you get from regular pizza sauce. Also, it will never melt and make your pizza soggy.

The Benefits of Using Pasta Sauce on Pizza

Since pasta sauce is made of tomato, it will provide numerous health benefits such as reduced blood pressure, improved digestion, stable heart health, etc. Also, the pasta sauce is cooked well to taste all flavors properly.

Moreover, you do not need to buy separate sauces for pizza and pasta. You can make pizza sauce from the pasta sauce and use it to make a delicious pizza.

Related FAQs

Can I use pasta sauce instead of pizza sauce?

Yes, you can use pasta sauce when you do not have the pizza sauce for your pizza. But, that does not mean you have to use pasta sauce yet have the pizza sauce.

Does pasta sauce taste good on pizza?

If you can prepare the pasta sauce and make a thick consistency, it will taste good on pizza. In addition, it will bring extra flavor to the pizza. However, that will not give the authentic pizza sauce taste.

What can I use instead of tomato sauce on pizza?

You can use barbecue sauce, the most convenient alternative to tomato sauce for pizza. Also, you can use pesto, caramelized onions, and Italian dressing to alternate the tomato sauce. These ingredients will bring a similar taste to your pizza, and perhaps the taste will be better.

Are pasta sauce and pizza sauce the same?

No, pasta sauces are precooked thin sauces that can blend easily with pasta with more flavors. And pizza sauce is pureed tomato with a thicker consistency to use on top of the pizza dough and oven it to get the flavor.


Pasta sauce is not a bad option at all when you are making a pizza. It will provide an almost similar taste to it. However, you will be able to differentiate the taste. No matter what you do, it will never give a similar taste as pizza sauce.

So, can you use pasta sauce for pizza? Yes, when you do not have pizza sauce anymore. But, you should use pizza sauce to get pizza’s authentic flavor and balanced taste.

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