How Many People Does a Costco Pizza Feed? Frugal Answer!

A Costco Pizza is a popular and delicious food item that is very large than other typical pizzas, and you may serve it to 6 to 8 people. Pizza is a good choice if you fix your mind to buying a pizza for your, friends, family, party, etc. On the contrary, the price is also less than others.

How Many People Does a Costco Pizza Feed

Furthermore, you will get a good number of slices at a meager price. In addition, when you present or offer the pizza to people, you should keep some points in your mind like types, test, size, price, flavor, etc.

In this following discussion, all the necessary facts and descriptions about the pizza will be disclosed to clarify all the questions and answers.

Size of A Costa Pizza

Size is an important matter when someone comes to order a pizza. Based on the size, the buyer can decide how many people will eat the pizza. However, you cannot get small-sized pizza, but if you buy the big one, you will get many slices of it—the 18″ pizza can offer 12 slices. Since Costco offers the largest pizza among the all-pizza shop, they bake 16- to 18-inch-wide pizzas. Thus, if you want to buy a large-size pizza, you must consider buying the Costco pizza as well.

Price of a Costco pizza

As the pizza size is larger than the typical pizza, they come at a high price. Therefore, if you thought of buying a cheap pizza with a full test, Costco pizza is a great choice. Since we are thinking about the number of people those who are going to feed, thus, for being the low price you may fix up your mind to buy extra one according to your need.

If you calculate the individual slice price and add all costs, it will be less than the total price. It is easy to realize that it also saves you money. Likewise, buying Costco pizza is also suitable economically.

Types Of Pizza Sold At Costco

Depending on the taste and flavor, there are many types of pizza, but here are discussed 4-types of Costco pizza that are very delicious to all consumers. It is important that depending on the type, people love to enjoy as much as they can. Then if you want to buy pizza for a good number of people, you should prioritize their test.

1. The Combo Pizza

This delicious pizza holds a combination of cheese, meat, and vegetables. It is the most exoteric pizza among all Costco pizzas. Pizza is Not only a test but also is very healthy food for all. A slice of pizza holds about 15% Vitamin A and 25% calcium. Furthermore, it consists of 4g fiber, 8g sugars, 72g carbs, 36g protein, 65mg cholesterol, 29g of fat, and 680 calories.

2. Cheese Pizza

It has been a popular pizza for all kinds of ages. Generally, kids like it very much because of the fresh cheese. When you come to take it to your mouth, you feel the test of the cheese first. The pizza is also very healthy because it holds 15% vitamin A, 80% calcium, and 20% iron. On the other hand, it offers-

  • 44g protein
  • 70g carbs
  • 7g sugar
  • 14g saturated fat
  • 1,370mg sodium
  • 3g dietary fiber (in every slice)
  • and 700 calories

3. Pepperoni

It is large and perfect pizza that can enjoy by a good number of people. It has 60 slices of pepperoni, which will provide you with the full flavor of pepperoni and will ensure you a great test as well. The pizza was offering 10% Vitamin A, 50% calcium, and 20% iron. Furthermore, each slice has 6g sugars, 11g saturated fat, 34g protein, 1290mg sodium, 68 g carb, and 720 calories.

4. Custom Pizza

It takes a few times to prepare the pizza. It is a more customized pizza than others. As they use different ingredients or make different types of pizza, you may choose your preferred ingredients to prepare it for your enjoyment. From this point of view, it is known as custom pizza.

Toppings and ingredients

Toppings enhance the taste of the pizza along with the look. Without topping, a pizza is nothing but, as usual, bread. To make the pizza worth it, here used some of them. They are Pepperoni, Red onion, Black olives, Mushrooms, Italian sausage, and Bell peppers.

Now come to the ingredients which offer the main test of the pizza. Here is a step to include the ingredients. The pizza crust and cheese and the bacon pieces and chicken breasts are brushed with Caesar dressing.

Then it’s formed into a tube with pinched ends and grilled. The chef then dresses the tube and adds additional cheese to the outside. After that, the rest goes into the oven for about six minutes at 600 degrees.


Pizza is a favorite food for all people of all ages. There are various types of pizza in pizza shops or restaurants. In size, some are small, and some are large. But when you come to buy a pizza for a good number of people, you need to think about the big one which is large in size and low in price.

Therefore, Costco Pizza is a good solution. You came to feed it near to 8 people indeed. Afterward, there are many types of this pizza generally you may find out the favorite one among them. If you buy it accruing to the choice of the people then easily you may offer good quality and healthy pizza.

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