How to Keep Pizza Warm for a Party? Complete Guide!

Keeping your pizza hot for a long is not that tricky if you use the right equipment and accessories. To keep the pizza warm and warm it up at an outdoor party, you can use a ceramic charcoal grill that maintains heat for a long time. Ceramic grills are great for cooking pizza and heating it outside.

How to Keep Pizza Warm for a Party

The set of supplied accessories usually includes a grill holder and a poker. With a dustpan, it is easy to get the remaining ash. In such grills, there is a combustion chamber, which in some models consists of two.

You can pour the coal into only one of them. Thus, in one grill, you get two heating zones, direct and indirect.

Use the Right Technique

The grill stand (the main frying surface) can have three levels installed independently on different “floors.” It is called the “Divide and Rule” system. You can look at it, for example, here:

Get the Right Accessories

Another accessory is a stand for various dishes, which expands the range of grilled meals. For example, you can install a branded work in it. Many models have a cyclone system that optimally distributes heat flows inside the grill, allowing you to get almost the same temperature everywhere.

The upper flap protects the inside from water ingress even during heavy rain. However, you can open it easy clean it. The built-in thermometer reflects the current temperature, which in some models can reach 400 °C. An aluminum cart with a shelf allows you to put something on it.

The front wheels usually have retainers, but the rear ones do not. The lid opening mechanism can be manual or spring-loaded. The latter allows you to open the lid with one little finger. It will hold the cap over in the position you left it for as long as you want. If the cart is aluminum, it is not afraid of even heating.

Temperature Control While Cooking is Key

After the coals have ignited, you can maintain the heat intensity with flaps, the upper and the lower. The rules here are simple. We have four levels of heat: low, medium, high, and very high. If you need the low level, keep both flaps almost closed. The medium and high heat is with the lower flap half-opened.

Thus, you will regulate the heat by the upper one. You can handle very high temperatures with both flaps fully opened.


After kindling, it is necessary to keep in mind that the speed of heating and cooling of the grill will not be very high, so you can take your time and enjoy the party. After a while, despite the thick-walled construction, the grill heats up significantly over time.

Though you can unlikely get burned by touching the ceramic walls, keep this in mind.

If you plan to cook many dishes together with pizza, it is advisable to start with those that require a lower temperature. Such meals will be ready before the grill is hot at full power. In many grills, the heated separator has a second purpose. It can work as a pizza healing stone.

In general, the grill device and all the processes are so intuitive that there are no pitfalls here. Everyone can figure it out.

Clean Grill – More Effective Heat Transfer

You can carry out the maintenance of the grill by timely removal of ash from the chamber. In addition, there is a self-cleaning procedure, which you can apply from time to time. It consists of the following steps.

Light the coals in an empty grill, fully open the lower and upper flaps, bring the temperature inside to at least 315 °C, and keep the grill in this mode for 15-20 minutes. All organic pollutants, food residues, fats, and others will turn into ashes.

Use a Pizza Stone

The grills are suitable for preparing a large number of dishes for a party, including pizza. To do this, you need to use a pizza stone that transfers heat from the coals.

You can prepare the simple dough. Just mix some flour, water, salt, and yeast, and let it rise a little. While you are doing it, let the grill preheat to the maximum.

Pizza Stone

Then, you can start cooking pizza one by one. For the first pizza, you can use a tomato-based sauce with herbs, salami, onions, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and some capers. For the second, you can use four various sorts of cheese and mushrooms, and olives. There are no limits to your fantasy.

To move a pizza from the cooking board to the hot stone, you can use baking paper. The grill will bake each pizza in just a few minutes. It turns out very tasty. At the party, you can cook many pizzas, which will surprise your guests.

It is easy to cook eight pizzas, and the heat from the coals will remain until the end of the party. You can improve the dough, and experiment with the duration of fermentation and different fillings. Even an ordinal pizza cooked on a grill prevails over any ordered one in delivery networks. Your party guests will be satisfied.


Ceramic charcoal grills are convenient devices for a party. It is a solid, heavy, expensive, and reliable thing that will please not only its owners, family, and friends for many years. The device is also suitable for cafes and restaurants. You can cook several dishes in one cycle.

The multi-level cooking system seduces a wealth of possibilities, and the complete set with a solid grill further expands the range of applications of the grill. The spring design of the lid opens and closes with just one finger, and it is a very significant improvement on the classic design. A charcoal grill for a party is the best solution.

If knowing all the tips, you are still wondering what to look for when shopping, here is a good list of kamado grills for parties.

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