How to Roll Pizza Dough Without Flour? The Best Method.

Making the perfect dough is the key to ensuring the best quality pizza. But adding extra flour to avoid sticking the dough in your hand can also cause the dough harder. As a result, the overall pizza test can spoil. Your pizza dough should be the perfect combination of soft and hard, so it can bake properly. But how to roll pizza dough without flour?

How to Roll Pizza Dough Without Flour

You can use olive oil and add cornstarch to avoid stickiness and make a perfect dough. Moreover, cornstarch will add an extra flavor to your pizza with a nice smell as a bonus.

In this article, you are going to experience a new way to roll perfect pizza dough without using flour.

The Benefits of Rolling Pizza Dough Without Flour

I bet you want to make your pizza tastier than others. I am afraid that is not going to happen if you do not explore something new rather than sticking to the textbook method of making pizza dough. Using flour will not add any taste that can differentiate your pizza from others. On the contrary, a thin layer of flour can spoil the taste of your pizza.

However, if you use cornstarch, it will ensure the extra flavor and smell of your pizza. So the thin layer that is making your pizza worst will enhance the taste of your pizza. As a result, you will find a smile around your customer or family members when they taste it.

The Steps to Rolling Pizza Dough Without Flour

Since you have decided not to use flour, let’s continue to roll pizza dough correctly without wasting flour. In addition, these steps are not complicated as it sounds to you so far. But, you have to be careful enough not to spoil the dough.

Use The Right Amount Of Olive Oil

It is the first step to reducing the stickiness of the pizza dough. Put olive oil according to the dough size. Make sure it covers the dough properly to make a layer above it. Now take some oil on your hand to avoid sticking. Rub it to ensure the oil covers well on your hand.

Then you can go to the next step that can avoid stickiness or help you to make a perfect dough. However, do not use excessive amounts of oil that can make the dough worst. Covering the dough is enough.

Add Cornstarch

Cornstarch is an excellent alternative, perhaps the best choice to add to your pizza dough. It will help you to make perfect dough without sticking to your hand or table.

You can add it as long as your dough is not becoming harder to bake. So, use a small amount of cornstarch and roll the dough. If you need to add more, add it later and avoid stickiness. Usually, I hate to waste materials, so I use them carefully to not waste an excessive amount of cornstarch,

Use Pastry Clothes

It s the best way to avoid stickiness. Using a table can require excessive oil to make it compatible with rolling the dough. And there are no better alternatives than using a pastry cloth. To be precise, pastry clothes are made to prepare dough without sticking to the surface.

Since you are not using flour, it can help you to roll a dough properly without sticking to the floor. In addition, it will enhance comfort while rolling dough. So, whether you are using flour or cornstarch, doing it over a pastry cloth is the most convenient way.

Tips for Success When Rolling Pizza Dough Without Flour

Whether you are using flour or cornstarch, making successful pizza dough is not a piece of cake. At least when you are not aware of the dough. Therefore, you need to follow these tips to help you roll pizza dough without flour.

Keep it at room Temperature: After taking the dough from the fridge, keep it in a safe place at room temperature. Therefore, it will come in regular condition and help you to roll the dough better.

Two tablespoon olive oil: You know what olive oil can do. Using 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil prevents the dough from sticking to the surface or even in your hand.

Do not use excess cornstarch: Cornstarch will indeed enhance the taste of your pizza. Still, you want to taste the pizza. Therefore, excessive use of cornstarch can alter the pizza taste, which you do not expect, that is for sure. So, use it carefully to make a subtle flavor without spoiling the pizza.

Make a disc: Make it a flat disc before rolling the dough. If the disc is shrinking too fast, you need to wait for more. Cover the dough with a pastry cloth and wait for 10-15 minutes.

Related FAQs

What can I use to roll out dough without flour?

Using cornstarch instead of flour is the best alternative to rolling out dough. Also, it will enhance your pizza taste better than flour. However, you need to use an adequate amount of olive oil.

What is the trick to rolling out pizza dough?

First, make it a large disc using your three fingers. Then roll again, make the appropriate disc size, and keep it in a safe place for a few minutes. In addition, you need to use olive oil to avoid sticking the dough to the surface. Adding cornstarch or flour will do that job and help you to make the dough smooth and soft.

Is it better to roll pizza dough cold or room temp?

You should never roll pizza dough at a cold temperature. If you keep the dough in your fridge, wait around thirty minutes before it returns to room temperature. And you should always roll pizza dough at room temperature.


Now you know how to roll pizza dough without flour. Using flour is not going to enhance the taste of your pizza and make it the same old boring pizza. Instead, try cornstarch to enhance the flavor of your pizza.

Yet, you need to make the dough soft enough for a perfect pizza. No matter what you add to your pizza, give it some time to make the dough. Also, do not forget to use olive oil.

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