What Pizza Chain Has Cauliflower Crust? Quick Answer!

Cauliflower crust has been introduced by major pizza chains such as Blaze, California Pizza Kitchen, Zpizza, Domino’s, Jets, etc. Although cauliflower has been used as a crust substitute since the late 2000s, it has just recently gained popularity.

What Pizza Chain Has Cauliflower Crust

The cauliflower crust has become the primary source of popular restaurants in different countries. This cauliflower pizza crust is a tasty substitute for traditional pizza.

So if you are looking for a pizza that is healthy and full of nutritious, then I recommend the Cauliflower Pizza Crust Chain. However, I advise you to read my entire article to get more ideas about cauliflower crust.

What pizza chain makes a cauliflower crust pizza?

Some pizza chains have cauliflower pizza crusts, such as Marco’s, Jet’s pizza, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Pieology, California Pizza Kitchen, MOD Pizza, Blaze Pizza, Amici’s, Papa Murphy’s, Zpizza, Mellow Mushroom, CiCi’s.

The pizza chains that make cauliflower crust pizzas are detailed below:


This Domino’s company was started in 1960. Domino’s is one of the world’s largest pizza companies. Pizza with a delicious gluten-free cauliflower crust is now available from Domino. And Domino’s is getting this delicious pizza crust into the hands of people worldwide, which is great.


Pieology offers a cauliflower crust pizza with any toppings for the same price as a regular pizza. Both the hand-tossed and thin-crust procedures of the cauliflower crust are offered.

California Pizza Kitchen

The California Pizza Kitchen offers both thin-crust and hand-tossed pizzas. This chain offers cauliflower crust pizzas with four toppings, such as BBQ chicken, spicy chipotle, roasted garlic chicken, and five Cheese to fresh basil.

Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza offers a cauliflower crust pizza that is gluten-free and includes a ketogenic diet crust. This pizza is suggested in two sizes, 11 inches to 14 inches.

Mellow Mushroom

In this, Mellow mushrooms are gluten-free Cauliflower Crust Pizza. And this pizza comes with any toppings, just like a regular pizza. You will get this crust in a particular form.


Jade Pizza offers a delicious cauliflower crust that is loaded with toppings. This pizza has a vegan and gluten-free option that offers a healthy twist to your pizza.

MOD Pizza

Mode Pizza Crust is also appropriately available in smaller sizes. This MOD pizza is just as affordable as regular pizza, but it gives us a nutritious cauliflower crust pizza.

Papa Murphy’s

Papa Morphis Cauliflower Crust is one of the best for those following a keto diet. As it is low-carb, they can easily put it on their list.


CiCi’s is a popular restaurant chain in Italian America. They offer a low-carb cauliflower crust that is a favorite of all. And you get this pizza crust in your size.


Amici’s offers cauliflower pizza crust. In it, you will find your choice of toppings that make your pizza crust delicious. However, if you like a delicious cauliflower crust on your pizza, then you can follow the above pizza chains.

Related FAQs

Is cauliflower a good substitute for pizza crust?

Yes, you can use cauliflower in place of the pizza crust. Cauliflower is rich in fiber and contains healthy ingredients like vitamins and minerals. This cauliflower Pizza is a healthy veggie pizza that gives your pizza a distinct crispy taste.

Also, if you want something nutritious from your diet that is gluten-free and low in carbs and calories, then cauliflower pizza is one of the best options. Many pizza chains like California Pizza Kitchen, Jets, Blaze, Pizza Hut, and Marco’s have launched their cauliflower crust.

What makes a good cauliflower pizza crust?

The secret to cauliflower pizza is its classic pizza dough made with cauli rice. And the cauliflower florets are separated from the stalks to make this cauli rice. This pizza dough combines with other delicious ingredients to give the pizza a great taste.

Additionally, cauliflower pizza is gluten-free and has vegan and vegetarian options. So if you want something carb-free or healthy for your diet, you can try this fantastic cauliflower pizza.

If you want to make a good cauliflower crust, certain ingredients are needed, such as-

  • Cauliflower
  • Eggs
  • Italian Cheese
  • Italian Seasoning
  • Garlic Salt
  • Black Pepper

Is a cauliflower crust healthy to eat?

Indeed, consuming cauliflower crust is healthy. The most significant source of fiber is cauliflower. It is rich in vitamins and minerals like magnesium, vitamin C, and potassium among this crust. And because cauliflower flour is lower in carbs and calories than wheat flour, it’s a healthier alternative to wheat flour. Yet, if you’re following a keto diet plan, then cauliflower crust is more nutritious and grateful for your health.

Even eggs and Cheese added to cauliflower crust are high in fat and calories. Besides, the cauliflower crust is gluten-free and packed with fiber and protein, which helps to keep your calorie intake down. Additionally, cauliflower crusts improve immunity, blood pressure, and weight loss.

Does pizza Hut have cauliflower pizza?

No, Pizza Hut does not offer cauliflower crust. This company provides various crust options, including a thin, gluten-free, and hand-tossed crust. Pizza Hut also has a selection of vegan and vegetarian toppings. To satisfy your craving for Cheese and pepperoni, making a pizza without using animal products is possible.

Does Marco’s pizza have cauliflower crust?

Yes, Marco’s Pizza does have cauliflower crust. Many prefer a crispy cauliflower crust on their pizza. Marco companies include cauliflower crust on their pizzas which is great for Marco lovers. They put cauliflower crust on their premium toppings Old World pepperoni and three fresh signature kinds of Cheese.

Who makes frozen pizza with cauliflower crust?

Three Meat Pizza makes Cauliflower Crust Frozen Pizza. This pizza is a source of protein and is gluten-free. This crust pizza is also topped with mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, beef, and sausage. You can also enjoy this frozen pizza which is fresh and nutritious.

Is Cauliflower pizza good for losing weight?

Cauliflower is low-carb and keto-friendly, which helps in weight loss. However, its pizza crust is loaded with calorie-laden ingredients such as sausage, pepperoni, Cheese, barbecue sauce, etc., as toppings. But the fiber and protein in the cauliflower crust help keep your calories down and provide nutrition.


This traditional Cauliflower Crust is Keto Friendly. This pizza crust plays an essential role in our health as it is low in calories and full of carbohydrates. Also, if you are looking for a healthy option while maintaining your perfect diet, cauliflower crust is one of them.

So you have to try this nutritious cauliflower crust for sure. I genuinely hope you enjoy reading this article.

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