Can you Freeze Sliced Pepperoni? (Pepperoni Store Guide)

Yes, pepperoni can be frozen, and it is the best way to save sliced pepperoni for future use. As pepperoni is a slice of deli meat and can be affected or spoiled easily by bacterial and fungal attacks, it is better to keep the pepperoni in the fridge rather than keep it at room temperature.

Can you Freeze Sliced Pepperoni

Hence, freezing is overall an effective way to keep the pepperoni’s taste and freshness intact.

Does Pepperoni Go Bad?

For having a clear idea about expiry, it is better to check the pepperoni’s expiry date on the packaging. Besides, you can also check the following things to understand whether your pepperoni is gone bad or not.

Changes in the look of pepperoni

You can observe the outer cover of the pepperoni. Any signs of thinness or colorlessness on its surface carry a bad message for pepperoni.

Keep in mind that if the sausage is left open and not properly covered, the surface may dry out and could change color. It is not dangerous to eat the dried part, but it is better to cut the part without using it and enjoy the rest.

Unusual smells of pepperoni

You can check the smell of pepperoni. If it smells bad, It’s time to dump your pepperoni. Any odor from pepperoni indicates that the fats in your pepperoni have been oxidized by air.

Slimy and sticky pepperoni

If your pepperoni looks sticky or slimy, it indicates that bacteria have attacked your pepperoni. In this situation, it is best to throw the pepperoni away.

Changes in the taste of pepperoni

You can take a small bite of pepperoni; if it tastes good, it is ok to use. Otherwise, if the taste is not good, throw it away. Whenever the pepperoni is not well wrapped and left open, it can spoil the taste. In this situation, you can cut the dry part and enjoy the rest.

How to store pepperoni?

As pepperoni is stabilized through specific moisture and added salt, its house should be cool, dry, and dark. Therefore it is essential to store it in the freezer. Besides, to prolong the life of pepperoni, it is better to keep them at a lower temperature.

First, cut the pepperoni into tiny pieces and place them in a bag. However, if the pepperoni is not excessively big, you can put it in a freezer bag with plenty of ventilation. Alternatively, you can use foil or plastic wrap. Then put the pepperoni in the freezer.

Besides, it is necessary to wrap the pepperoni tightly while storing it. Otherwise, it will absorb the odor from the refrigerator and dry out.

Preparing pepperoni for the freezer

Pepperoni is a piece of meat that can be oxidized and damaged when exposed to air for a long time. So it would be best if you refrigerated it immediately.

Moreover, it is best to cut the pepperoni meat into pieces and put it in the fridge. Before keeping the pepperoni in the fridge, it is better to wrap the slices in a plastic bag or foil paper. Thereby, it takes less space and is also safer than keeping it open.

The best container to freeze pepperoni

After cutting the pepperoni into pieces, you need a plastic container that is suitable to use. The best container for preserving pepperoni in a fridge is an airtight sealable container. However, if you don’t have such a box, then you can use reusable ziplock bags. These bags prevent humidity from coming into contact with your pepperoni and keep the meat longer.

How long does pepperoni last?

Frozen pepperoni lasts longer if it is well-sealed and kept in a plastic bag or airtight container. The sealing and freezing process will keep the pepperoni away from germs which can destroy it very quickly. Salt and nitrates are used to preserve this sausage. It stays in the fridge for 2 to 3 weeks.

If you want to sell pepperoni from the shop, then you might store it well. Therefore, the frozen process is one of the long-term storage options, lasting up to 8 months.

How to defrost pepperoni?

It would be best to keep it in a separate section of a freezer to defrost your pepperoni. It is better to defrost the pepperoni as much as you need than the whole batch.

Pepperoni should be defrosted at a lower temperature; otherwise, it can get affected by bacteria. Lessen the temperature as much as you can and keep it in the fridge. After taking it off the fridge, wait for use until it turns to room temperature.

How to use a frozen pepperoni?

There are many ways to use frozen pepperoni, depending on one’s creativity in using it. First of all, take it out of the freezer, keep it at normal fridge temperature, defrost the pepperoni, and start cooking.

Pepperoni is the default choice for most pizzas.

Besides, you can also use pepperoni in your pasta. You can bake a simple macaroni with cheese and then use a slice of pepperoni on top of the macaroni. Again, you can make the salad interesting with pepperoni. Also, you can make your breakfast tasty by adding pepperoni crust bread to your food list.


The process of freezing sliced pepperoni is overall simple yet. This simple way of preserving is an incredible option for both home and restaurant chefs who like cooking. From pizza to a sandwich and on any occasion, you can use this frozen pepperoni without worrying.

However, you can store pepperoni for several months in the freezer. But you need to regularly monitor the smell, texture, and color of the meat. Overall, this is an excellent method for preserving the flavor and prolonging the life of your delicious deli meat.

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