Wood vs Metal Pizza Peel: Which one is Better?

A pizza peel is an obligate tool, which is very popular in the market to prepare pizza. It is an inevitable product to make pizza and place it in the oven properly. However, there are two types of pizza peel on the market. But metal pizza peel is the best one in the sense of Wood vs Metal Pizza Peel.

Wood vs Metal Pizza Peel

Although metal pizza peel has some demerits, it is more worthy it. Here we will discuss both the metal and wooden pizza peel with their advantages and uses very briefly. After going through this article, we hope you will surely know about both pizza peels well.

Wood vs Metal Pizza Peel: Comparative Study

Pizza peels are a common kitchen item. A kitchen of a resultant or fast food shop is incomplete without pizza peels. For this reason, the necessity of the pizza peel is rising day by day. Sometimes after buying a pizza peel without any prior knowledge, consumers face many disadvantages yet. Therefore now we are providing a comparative study between wood vs metal pizza peel.

Material and Durability

A metal pizza peel is made of high-quality metal. For this reason, it is thinner than other typical peelers on the market. In contrast, wood pizza peels are made of high-quality wood.

Afterward, the longevity of the metal pizza peel is more than the wooden pizza peel. Due to the metal body, you don’t need to think about its durability.

Design and Construction

A wood pizza peel is a charming and lovely item with its overall look. Being wooden, it shows its beauty when you place it in any corner of the kitchen.

On the other hand, metal pizza peels are also available in various designs, which charms consumers a lot. They have a perfectly attached handle to operate the peel very efficiently during the operation. This handle also helps to slide the pizza very well.


Generally, a metal pizza peel comprises a high-quality metal that is exceptionally lighter in weight. Being more lightweight, it is very comfortable to use and operate.

On the contrary, wooden pizza peels are very thick compared to metal pizza peels. For being thick, the weight is comparatively heavy. Therefore, it isn’t easy to manage, and it is also not suitable to use in the oven.


Metal pizza peels are available in various lengths and sizes. Therefore, it is effortless to pick the best one or the perfect one according to your demand. Again, wooden pizza peels are also available in various sizes, but it offers comparatively fewer size options than metal peels.


A pizza peel is also essential to use in the oven for cooking and heating purposes. Thereby, a metal pizza peel is perfect for oven usage, rather than a wooden pizza peel.


Gripping is a crucial matter to operating any kitchen item. Since we use oil and other accessories in the kitchen, then we should concern about the holding and gripping issues. If you have an excellent grip to operate anything, you don’t need much time. Therefore, wood pizza peels are very suitable for gripping than metal ones.


For wood pizza peels, there is no need for any extra pizza screen. The wood pizza peels are non-sticky, and it is effortless to place the pizza on it; it is also very suitable to slice the pizza from the wood peels. Therefore it is easy to say that it reduces the necessity of pizza screens.

However, for metal pizza peels, it is essential to use pizza screens. They are generally slippery. It isn’t easy to grip the pizza paddles. Therefore, anyone needs to be concerned with the aluminum handles while carrying the pizza. But metal pizza peel aids in slicing the pizza very easily as well.


In a wooden pizza peel, the pizza holds its exact test. In contrast, the metal pizza peels are unable to do as the wood pizza peels. Therefore, wooden pizza peels are better to preserve the authentic taste of a pizza.


A metal pizza peel is easy to clean. It helps to turn on and get pizza quickly from the oven. Again, its firm handle also allows you to clean the peel easily indeed. On the contrary, the wood pizza peels absorb the extra oils from the pizza. For this reason, it is relatively hard to clean it properly.


For purchasing a product, it is crucial to have a price sense. The pizza peel will be worthwhile if it is high in quality and comes with minimal pricing. A metal pizza peel is very cheap than a wood pizza slicer. On the other hand, a wooden pizza peel is more costly than the metal one.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answered

Is wood or metal pizza peel better?

A metal pizza peel is thin and light in weight. Afterward, it is suitable to use in the oven. Therefore, a metal pizza peel is better than a wooden one.

Should a wooden pizza peel be oiled?

Since wood is porous and absorbs moisture, it is grease and moisture-free. Therefore, you do not need to be oiled the wooden pizza peel.

Can you cook pizza on a wooden cutting board?

It is not suitable to cook pizza on a wooden cutting board.

Can you put a wooden pizza board in the oven?

If you want to cook a small pizza at your home, then it is less suitable to use a wooden pizza board in the oven. However, the handle of the peel should be significant to use suitably.

Final Verdict

However, among the two different types of pizza peels available in the market; therefore, it turns tough to understand which is better compared to wood vs metal pizza peels. In this circumstance, this article will help you to know about both peels.

Although the choice of peel’s type also relies on user choice preference. From our perspective, we will recommend you the metal one rather than a wooden pizza peel.

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