Pizza Flour VS. Bread Flour: What is the Difference?

You may not be worried about what kind of flour you will use when making pizza at home, but the wrong flour has a lot of effects on pizza dough. Depending on the type of flour you want to make, pizza can be a little crusty, a New York-style crust, or a Neapolitan- style pizza.

Pizza Flour VS. Bread Flour

On the other hand, let’s know what kind of flour is needed to make bread, you can give oil, butter, water, eggs, nuts, and salt as ingredients to make bread, and as flour, you can use baked flour, whole- wheat flour, durum wheat flour, rye flour, Pumpernickel flour, etc.

Remember that to make pizza and bread; you need to understand the difference between its flour. You will learn about tempting pizza flour and bread flour, the types of flour, and which ingredients make more delicious pizza dough and bread.

You may be confused about which pizza flour and bread are better or which type of flour is better, so we will compare these 2; so let us first tell you about pizza flour.

What are Pizza Flour and Its Qualities?

To make pizza, you first need dough, and for that, you need flour. In this case, flour selection is crucial. Good quality pizza flour is essential to make the pizza tasty and much more crusty. Flour has different textures depending on the gluten content.

For example, pizza or cake flour is significantly coarser. The eighteen in pizza flour is much less, about 10 to 12 percent, making this flour hard and strong.

You May be Wondering What is Gluten?

Gluten is a type of protein that forms a flexible structure or stickiness throughout the flour when wet. It makes basic bread crispy and makes it is suitable for chewing bread. Then the more Gluten is in the flour, the more bread you will get to chew.

What Kind of Flour is Used to Make Pizza?

People prefer to use bread flour to make a tempting pizza. It’s easy to find in any grocery store; it will have a crispy outside the pizza and a chewy and textured core inside. The dough will not crack when stretched, but it is challenging to make the desired shape due to the adhesive content.

00 Flour for Pizza

If you want to make a Neapolitan- style pizza with a blister around the rim and a thin one in the middle, then the costly “Caputo Tipo 00” flour is necessary. It contains 12 ½ percent gluten protein content, which is a little chewy but not like rubber.

If your oven does not work well at 500 F, it is essential to check that the bread made in this flour may not turn brown.

Now Let’s See Which Flour is Suitable for Bread, and What is Bread Flour?
There are many types of flour for making basic bread, including whole-wheat flour, durum wheat flour, rye flour, and pumpernickel flour. Let’s find out what these flours look like and their properties.

Whole-wheat Flour

For this whole wheat flour, you have to add a tablespoon or 2- tablespoons of water; the reason is that the high protein content of this wheat makes it much more absorbent.

If you want to replace whole wheat flour with white flour, add 2- tablespoons of whole wheat flour; it will make the flour base strong. Then it is understood that whole wheat flour is much richer in Gluten which is chewed.

Durum Wheat Flour

It is a bread flour that contains the highest amount of protein. Gluten forms after adding water to it, but it is not elastic.

Therefore, this durum wheat flour has to be mixed with other flour, and there is no exception. To make Puglisi bread, you have to mix 26% durum wheat flour with bread flour. This flour is a substitute for bread flour.

Rye Flour

Rye flour does not contain any sticky proteins, which means it is not as gluten-rich as other flour. It becomes very soft when mixed with water, so mixing it with at least 80% white wheat flour makes it sticky and suitable for making bread.

Pumpernickel Flour

Another flour used to make bread is pumpernickel flour. It comprises rye which is cultivated in the whole soil. When it is soaked in water, it becomes very soft; it is necessary to add 70% white wheat.

So, What is the Difference Between Pizza Flour and Bread Flour?
We know about pizza flour and bread flour and all their procedures. Then you will understand the difference.

Pizza flour

Pizza flour contains gluten protein; when water is added to it, it becomes elastic. Everyone likes to chew crispy pizza; it’s best to use 10 to 12 percent gluten-rich pizza flour. There is another flour, “Caputo Tipo00”.

The use of this flour for making pizza is significant because this flour contains 12 percent Gluten, which makes pizza chewy but not rubbery.

Bread flour

We have learned about many types of bread flour. Bread becomes soft by mixing flour with water which is unsuitable for making basic bread, So some amount of gluten protein-rich flour is used to make the bread crumbs more sticky and a piece of beautiful bread.

00 flour vs Bread flour What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between 00 flour and bread flour? And is one better for making pizza dough than the other?

00 flour is a finely ground flour that is made from Italian “double zero” durum wheat. It has a high gluten content, which makes it ideal for making thin-crust pizzas and other delicate doughs. Bread flour, on the other hand, is a more coarsely ground flour that is made from American hard wheat.


Pizza flour and bread flour come in 2 different ways. Pizza flour is directly related to gluten protein, but bread flour is not directly related to the gluten protein, so the liquidity in bread is more than a pizza.

Mixing water with pizza flour makes it solid and sticky, while bread flour is mixed with 2 to 3 tablespoons gluten protein-rich flour.

Otherwise, you cannot make bread dough, and it is almost impossible to make bread. You can buy your desired pizza and bread flour from any grocery store if you want; remember, the right decision can guarantee you are making a beautiful pizza and bread.

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